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2022 E One Typhoon EMAX Rescue Engine, this unit replaced the American LaFrance engine and has a lot more built in safety features than any of the apparatus the department has ever had before. This unit is designated as Engine 69-1. This unit holds 7 firefighters.

Engine 69-1
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1997 Peterbilt S&S Tanker, this unit has a 3500 gallon water tank and features 2 Porta tanks that can each hold 3500 gallons of water. This unit was purchased by the Salunga Fire Company and was part of the merger of the Salunga and Landisville Fire Companies in 1998.  This unit is designated as Tanker 69 and holds 2 firefighters

Tanker 69

Reserve 69

2003 American LaFrance Eagle rescue pumper, seats 6 firefighters, this was the first apparatus purchased for the department after the merger, and was the first Hempfield apparatus to carry hydraulic rescue tools.  This unit is now used a reserve unit.

Reserve 69
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2021 E One Typoon suppression engine purchased by the township as a reserve engine for all township departments to use with the designation of Engine 68.  This engine is housed at Station 69 and runs as Engine 69-2. Unit holds 6 firefighters 

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SQUAD 69-1

2011 Ford Custom Fire Works Squad, this unit is designated as Squad 69-1 and carries additional rescue and suppression tools and also room for up to 5 additional firefighters. 


SQUAD 69-2

2017 Chervolet Siverado pickup pick up truck.  This unit is designated as Squad 69-2 and serves numerous rolls such as transporting additional firefighters to the scene as well as being used a fire police vehicle. This vehicle can carry up to 5 additional personnel. During snow events a plow is attached to this unit to remove snow from the department property.

Squad 69-1
Squad 69-22
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2015 Chevy Tahoes × 2, one of these is utilized by the Fire Chief to respond to the scene directly.  The second Tahoe is a duty officer vehicle and is used by fire line officers to respond to the scene directly.  These vehicles typically become part of the command staff on incidents, each unit seats up to 5 personnel.

Duty 69
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