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We are a 100% Volunteer Fire Department providing fire protection and emergency services for the citizens of East Hempfield Township and surrounding communities since 1910.


As of January 1, 2012 Station 7-19 will be Station 6-9.  This change was made at the request of Lancaster County Wide Communications.  LCWC is requesting that all fire departments change to a two digit station number.


HFD started off the new year with a small get together for supper on New Years Eve with some of out mutual aid departments.  In attendance were station 7-5, 6-7, and 2-3.  Other departments were invited but were unable to attend due to prior commitments.  Food, fun, and camaraderie were had by all in attendance.  HFD is looking forward to working with al of our mutual aid departments in 2012.


On Friday crews from Hempfield Fire Department traveled to Middletown to pay our final respects to our fallen brother, Officer Ken Neidinger. Big thanks to New Holland Fire (station 3-9) for providing a stand by crew, while member were at the funeral

The members of Hempfield Fire Department would like to send our deepest sympathies and heart-filled prayers to the family of Officer Kenneth Neidinger and our Brothers and Sisters at the East Hempfield Police Department for their loss. Officer Neidinger will truly be missed.

Attention Members

Please check the members only area for important information.

Friday 2/25
Vehicle fire on 283 - Just before 4:30 station 7-19, 2-3 (East Petersburg), and 7-5 (Mount Joy) were alerted to a vehicle fire on route 283. Chief 2-9 was the first arriving chief officer reporting the fire to be out. The response was held to station 7-19 for fluid and hazard control. 

Tuesday 2/22
Transfer to station 2-6 - Just before 6:30 in the evening station 7-19 was alerted to transfer to station 2-6. Engine 7-19-1 made the response with a crew of 5. Crew stood by for just over 2 hours until released by engine 2-6.

Tuesday 2/15

Dwelling Box in first due - Shortly after 7AM station 7-19 and mutual aid were alerted for a dwelling fire on Empire Circle. Chief 7-19 checked up and was advised of ceiling fire in a bathroom. Chief 7-19 and truck 6-7 arrived on scene at the same time to nothing showing. The call was held to station 7-19 and truck 6-7 for some minor overhaul and ventilation. Crews were on scene for a little over 30 minutes.  Rescue 7-9 stood by in station 7-19.

Also later that day station 7-19 handled a truck run with station 6-7 for alarm bells.

August 30, 2010 - Crew from 7-19 did live fire evaluations in the burn building at the fire school, using the loading dock, and the first floor simulators. The crew also practices search and rescue with victims removal. Click here for photos.

August 16, 2010 - Tonight crew went over to the fire school to work on stand pipe and high rise hose advancements. Click here for photos.

May 2010 - Crews for 7-19 traveled to the training center in Berks County to attend a live burn. Thanks to Station 1-5 for the invite.  Click here for photos.

October 12th 2009

         HFD members trained this evening over at LPSTC on vehicle fires and propane tanks.

October 9th 2009

       Units were dispatched to Bamford Ave this evening for a dwelling.  Chief 7-19 first on the scene with smoke showing from sides "b" and "d" Truck 6-7 arrived first followed by Engine 7-191-1. Fire was in the attic area and knocked down quickly.

       Engine's 7-19-1, 7-6-2,2-3-1
       Truck's 7-19,2-3,6-7
       Rescue's 7-9,2-3
       Squad 7-19-3


New swing set in the park

             We would like to thank everyone who helped in construction of the play area. 


Tanker Training on August 3rd 2009


July 29th 2009 

                  Crew were dispatched this morning for a vehicle accident w/ejection in the area of 2075 Prospect rd. Engine 1 W/5 arrived W/ chief 2 to find one on the roof. One patient ejected form the vehicle. Crews from 7-19 and 7-6 asst. EMS and stabilized the vehicle.           

            Command- Chief 2 (Newcomer)

            Apparatus- Engine 7-19-1,Squad 7-19-1,Traffic 7-19,Rescue 7-6

            Click here for additional pictures

July 28th 2009

             While crews were cleaning up from the accident on Nolt Rd at Stoney Battery Rd, crews were given another accident at Nolt Rd and Church St involving a motorcycle. Command released the rescue, engine and squad to take the call.


            Command- LT 7-6 (Ney)

            Apparatus- Engine 7-19-1,7-19-2,Squad 7-19-1,Rescue 7-6,Traffic 7-19 

            Thanks to all crews that worked both calls. A special thanks to 6-7 for their additional help.

            Click here for additional pictures

July 28th 2009 

      HFD was dispatched for at vehicle accident w/entrapment at Nolt Rd and Stoney Battery Rd. Engine 6-7-1 just departing Four Seasons around the corner responded and confirmed one entrapped. Crews along with rescue 7-6 worked on the entrapped patient while engine 7-19-1 w/5 stabilized the truck involved.


            Command- Chief 6-7 (Dommel)

            Apparatus- Engine 6-7-1,7-19-1, Squad 7-19-1,Squad 7-6-1, Traffic 7-19

           Click here for additional pictures

July 22, 2009

            Members helped at 2 Fire Prevention shows. The first one was held at Amos Herr Park and the second one was held at the

Centerville Elementary school for the summer playground. Thank to all who helped teach the young about Fire.

 Click here for additional pictures

July 3 2009        Prospect Rd and Spooky Nook Rd

            HFD was dispatched for spill control in the area of Prospect Rd and Spooky Nook rd. Engine 1 w/4 responded. Enroute dispatch advised of a milk tanker truck on its side with milk leaking out. OIC Rhodes asked for the Haz-Mat duty officer awhile. Upon arrival and further size up, command asked for the Haz-Mat Team and mutual Aid from West Hempfield Fire

      Command - Chief Rhodes

      Operations Supervisor - Chief 2 Newcomer

      Safety Officer - Soders

      Haz-Mat Supervisor - Captain 2-9-2

      Apparatus:      Engines 7-19-1, 7-19-2,  Tanker 7-19,  Squad 7-19-1, Traffic 7-19

      Mutual Aid Depts- Rescue 7-6, Squad 7-6-1, Traffic 7-5, and  West Hempfield Twp. EMA
      Click here for additional pictures


7/1/2009            Route 283 Eastbound Accident 

            Units were dispatched to an unknown injury vehicle accident on 283EB this morning. After dispatch 2-3 was dispatched to route 283EB between 722 and 741 for an accident. EMS on the street verified the location as 283EB between Landisville rd and 722 and confirmed confinement.

            Engine 1 w/3 responding already on 283EB maneuvered through heavy traffic to arrive first on the scene. Crews started stabilization of the vehicle. Upon arrival of Rescue 2-3, the command had 2-3 crews, using 7-19's tools, removed the passenger side door and helped remove the patient.

            Command- Chief 2-3 (Rohorer)

            Apparatus:      Engine 7-19-1      Rescue 2-3      Squad 7-19-1      Traffic 7-19

June 8 2009            HFD training on tanker operations at a local school.

Click here for additional pictures

5/18/2009            Vehicle Accident Standby

            Units were dispatched to a vehicle standby on Eby Chiques rd and Newcomer Rd. Engine 1 w/4 found a truck leaning on the berm of the road. Crews worked on stabilization of the truck and Mutual aid was requested from rescue 7-6.
            Command- Lt 7-19-1 (Newcomer)

            Apparatus-      Engine 7-19-1      Rescue 7-6      Haz-Mat Duty Officer      Traffic 7-5

Silver Springs Road House Fire


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